banana muffins for toddlers

i grabbed and modifed this recipe from a sweet little website called Blue Bird Kisses.  they turned out light and fluffy and perfect for my little guy and his little friends. —– 3 ripe bananas 1 egg 1/2 cup of melted butter 1 lemon (zest & juice) 1/4 cup of brown sugar 1/2 cup of … Continue reading

peanut butter cookies (w/ & w/out oatmeal)

note: oatmeal peanut butter cookies recipe is at bottom of post. my husband likes crunchy peanut butter that doesn’t have the oil collected at the top.  i like natural peanut butter and don’t care about the oil — i want peanut butter without partially hydrogenated fats.  he likes skippy and jiff.  i get upset with … Continue reading

penne with roasted garlic & bacon

i had a bunch of pre-peeled garlic that needed a home.  i love, love, love roasted garlic and that’s how i started the idea for this dish. i had just gotten some turkey bacon at the market that morning and thought the dish could use a little protein.  the flavor turned out smokey and delicious … Continue reading

lasagna senza ricotta

“senza” means “without” in italian.  mama made delicious lasagna growing up, bursting with layers of ricotta. a few years ago i discovered a lasagna without a ricotta layer and i didn’t love it any less. in fact, i loved it a little more. it is served at Vino Rosso in San Francisco. last night i … Continue reading