peanut butter cookies (w/ & w/out oatmeal)

note: oatmeal peanut butter cookies recipe is at bottom of post.

my husband likes crunchy peanut butter that doesn’t have the oil collected at the top.  i like natural peanut butter and don’t care about the oil — i want peanut butter without partially hydrogenated fats.  he likes skippy and jiff.  i get upset with this.  i finally found a no stir, no oil at the top brand that was healthy.  ahhh.  problem solved.  but while on the search for the perfect peanut butter we collected about 4 jars.  made me want to create the perfect peanut butter cookie.  and i totally did.  i found the recipe at smitten kitchen, a site that i frequently visit to get ideas.


if you’re using natural peanut butter, after you mix everything together the texture will be like wet, sandy dirt.  you have to ball the batter together sorta like a hamburger patty — but if you squeeze too hard it’ll fall apart.  be a gentle ball maker and you will be rewarded.  gingerly remove the cookie from the cookie sheet.  use a dry rack like she suggests.  don’t touch them for a wee bit after transferring.  the texture ends up being perfect.  so perfect.  i’d recommend 8 minutes cook time.

i followed the recipe exactly as she recommends except for adding the extras.  i didn’t add chocolate chips, peanut butter chips OR use chunky peanut butter — i just used “no stir” creamy.  i wanted NOTHING distracting me from the flavor of the peanut buttery cookie.  no texture distractions.  so good.  so pure.  so gone so fast.

link to recipe

Update: 7/13/12

wanted to make pb cookies that my toddler could eat so added a touch of health.  i added oats.  i changed the flour measurement to 3/4 cup and added a 1/2 cup of oats.  and one more change: only used 1/2 – 3/4 cup peanut butter.  result?  really, really nice.  and chewy at 8-9 minutes.  letting them hang on the cookie sheet for 2 min after you take ’em out is a good idea.


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