about the chef

well, dinner’s actually gonna be at eight-ISH.

between 5:00-8:00pm there’s lots to do for a stay at home mom: prep baby’s meal, feed baby meal, play with baby, bathe baby, soothe baby, night night, sweet baby.  then dada gets home at 8:00pm (right when mama wants to rest) and he wants to eat.  mama wanted to eat at 6:00pm but she decided to wait for dada.

it’s important for mama to be organized, to plan meals and really think about preparation.  if she doesn’t, which is typically her default behavior, she pays for it.  dada pays for it.  dinner’s at nine-ish.  mama’s stressed out.  no good.

but this site is not a place to teach anyone about being organized.  mama hasn’t earned the right.  it’s a place for her to store her successfully executed recipes that she and her family really, really want to eat again.  (it’s either here or a bunch of food-stained Post-its).


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